G.P.Porwal Arts, Commerce & V.V.Salimath Science College, Sindagi


Department of Political Science

The Deportment of Political Science was started in the year 1972.

Aims and Objectives:
• To create Political Awareness among rural students To create qualities of good leadership
• To create awareness regarding active involvement in Government and Politics To create awareness about administrative skill
• To create Good citizens with civic sense

• Preparing a plan of teaching and to act accordingly
• Providing notes, and hand outs
• Arrange special lecture series

1. Write clearly and with purpose on issues of International and domestic politics and public policy.
2. Participate as a civically engaged member of society.
3. Analyze political and policy problems and formulate policy options.
4. Use electronic and traditional library resources to research key local, state, national and international policy issues and present results.
5. Discuss the major theories and concepts of political science and its subfields.
6. Deliver thoughtful and well articulated presentations of research findings.
7. Discuss the main international relations theories and the values implicit in each of these different way of looking in the world, thus giving them the tools necessary to understand the day to day events reported in the media.
8. Asses the arguments and evidence surrounding a controversial issue in world politics and write a brief paper on the issue.
9. Describe and analyse causes in the past century in which conflict was resolved.
10. Design a survey to collect political science data.
11. Developing knowledge of administrative studies with special reference to Indian administrative structures and practices.
12. Examining India’s foreign relations with her neighbours and great powers.
13. Understanding the nature and developments in national and international politics.
14. Analysing the Indian constitutional provisions, major legislations and reforms.

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1 Dr. Mallikarjun I Minch M.A,Ph.D Political Science Assistant Professor View
2 Shri.B.R.Alagundagi M.A Political Science Assistant Professor