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Department of History

"What memory is to the individual History is to the Human race". Because it is the vast store house of human knowledge. The study of this broadens mans outlook teaches moderation inspires appreciation of other peoples and their cultures and instructs to be world citizens. In building our life of tomorrow it gives intelligent guidance. Because History carries torch of truth and it is man's richest heritage.
There is no other subject which will enable our sentiments and intelligence as History can do. Therefore the department of History strives to develop a keen desire in the minds of the students to study History with patience and perseverance. The huge strength in the department is the proof of its importance.

Aims and Objectives:
To create Awareness about importance of History. Historical protection of moments their surrounding areas. Places and To Develop on Interest among the rural students to study Historical temples field work also extended their interest in collecting the articles concerning to Historical matters.
To develop interest among the rural students about Higher Education and research studies in History. And Inspire to the students in competitive exams.

• Through Department to be conducted some Historical survey of particular region
• Encouraging to do field work. Project work
• To conduct special lecture on History subject
• Conduct Historical tours

The Bachelor of Arts in History is a broad based program that has specific goals. Including

1) Engaging the mind and imagination of those who study history
2) Introducing students to world times. Places and cultures including their own in ways they have never before considered
3) Promoting the acquisition of historical knowledge and critical thinking reading writing and research skills upon successful completion of this on line history degree program. Students should be able to demonstrate competency in the vital skills of historical explanation, discernment and synthesis the Bachelor of Arts in History, experiences, extensive knowledge of a particular time period or region and specialized writing and research skills.

 Understanding background of our religion customs institutions administration and so on.
 Understand the present existing social, Political religious and economic conditions of the people.
 Analyze relationship between the past and present is lively presented in the history.
 Development practical skills helpful in the study and understanding of historical events.
 The draw historical maps charts, diagrams etc.
 The draw historical maps, charts, diagrams etc.
 Prepare historical models, tools etc.
 Develop interests in the study of historical and activities relating to history.
 They collect ancient arts, old coins and other historical materials visit places of historical interests, archaeological sites, museums and archives.
 The study of history helps to impart moral education.
 History installs the feeling of patriotism in the heart of pupils.

1. Students will critically analyze and interpret primary documents and secondary sources and will be able to interpret qualitative and quantitative data in order to evaluate historical events.
2. Students will develop communication skills through oral and written exercises and develop analytical skills by critically interpreting historical events.
3. Students will analyze how local national and international policies and practices developed in the past continue to impact their contemporary lives.

Sl.No Profile Photo Name Qualification Specialization Designation View Profile
1 Dr. S C Kamble M.A.,M.Phil,Ph.D History Professor
2 Dr. Suma S Nirni M.A.,Ph.D History Assistant Professor