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Department of Hindi

Hindi Department was started in the year 1972

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: • To promote and understand Hindi Language and literature
• To promote and develop creative writings and bring out their hidden talents
• To develop the National integration among the students. To make them able to join with regional language through the of Indian states through Hindi language and literature.
• To prepare them for competitive exams.

• Arranging guest Lecturers/ Seminars/ Group discussions
• Exchanging of mutually useful materials from near by colleges Students to work in teams, to share new ideas and undertake social works to encourage, cultivate and develop self sufficiency
• Providing Question bank
• Developing interest in Research at higher education level

A bachelor’s degree in Hindi makes the students into skilled, knowledgeable and ethical interpreters of texts in Hindi Literature or literary tradition and it offers the students an opportunity to develop their ability to produce literary texts.
It develops interpreting human experience through literary representation in doing and enhances reading, writing and analytic skills. They learn how to formulate their own ideas critically, creatively and persuasively. They learn to raise significant questions and gather relevant evidence, reach well-reasoned conclusions.
Students also develop an ethical orientation to living as their study of literature encourages them to ethical value human actions, motivations, and differences.
Hindi Literature develops critical interpretation through reading and writing. The flexible curriculum provides students the opportunity and responsibility to shape their major based on individual interests and objectives.

1.Equip students with knowledge of Hindi:
• Students will be able to both in speaking and writing in a variety of contexts and genres.
• Demonstrate a thorough command of Hindi and its linguistic structures.
• Recognize and comprehend different varieties of Hindi.
• Students will be able to analyze oral and written discourse of various genres with regard to social, cultural, and historical contexts.
• They produce and edit high quality, technical oral and written Hindi communication and translation from Hindi into English and vice- versa.

This degree gives students access the range of Hindi studies, alongside the traditional range of Hindi literature from the period to period and the present day.
Hindi Literature: Students are able to study literatures as well as cultural theory, creative writing and film. Both literature and writing course help students explore how writing use the creative resources of language in fiction, poetry, non-fiction prose and drama to explore the entire range of human experience. Literature provides imaginative and critical insights into all areas of human experience, war and peace, nature and culture, love and sexuality, selfhood and social identity, justice and atrocity, and the dreams of the future. Hindi course help students build skills of analytical and interpretive argument, became careful and critical readers, practice writing in a variety of genres as a process of intellectual inquiry and creative expression.

Department of Hindi
Future Plan:
• To Organize National Seminar/Conferences • To conduct One Day Workshop

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1 Shri. V A Pande M.A., NET Hindi Assistant Professor
2 Dr.M.J.Sankapal M.A. Hindi Assistant Professor