G.P.Porwal Arts, Commerce & V.V.Salimath Science College, Sindagi


Department of Chemistry

The department of Chemistry was established in the year 1988 under the guidance.

• To familiarize the students with the world in which they live and to make them understand the impact of chemistry on society.
• To adjust the students with the scientific method and to enable them to develop . To develop the scientific and research attitude among the students. the scientific attitude.
• To inculcate the habit of reading books, journals etc.
• Imparting of knowledge of fundamentals, principles and concepts in chemistry so that students are able to apply this knowledge to their day today life.
• Developing skills in handling and manipulating apparatus.
• To study the different methods for the purification of organic compounds.

The ultimate Goal of chemistry is to educate students in a way that will allow to the graduate as lifelong learners that are well prepared to their choosen careers.
In order to do this, Faculty strive to establish and maintain a program of excellence that provided foundation and support for several different educational tracks. Includes
a) The BSc degree’s for certification in Chemistry teaching.
b) Pre-Professional programs such as Pre-Engineering,Pre-Medicine or Pre-Pharmacy.
c) The Chemistry Emphesis of the physical science MS degree’s.
d) Allied biological & physical science degree’s programs.
e) The University wide general education program.

1) The Chemistry faculty will strive to maintain a quality program in write faculty are knowledgeable in the subject matter being thought, including current research areas, and we enthusiastic about working with student at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
2) The Chemistry faculty will continue to review & revise the curriculum to ensure that it is rigorous,logically sequenced,of reflective of the current state of the field.
3) They have a functional knowledge of all basic areas of chemistry like analytical,organic & bio-chemistry to increase thinking skills & solve problems.
4) Be proficient in the chemistry laboratory especially with respect to laboratory practices, qualitative chemical analysis,chemical synthesis & modern chemical instrumentation.
5) To be able to clearly articulate scientific information,both orally in writing and also capstone research project .
6) BSc students graduating with chemistry certification will have a chemistry background will allow them to be highly effective teachers at the secondary level.

1) Evidence for the quality of the program is provided by continued recognization/certification from outside agencies.
The faculty competence and enthusiasm are continually evaluation are valuated by students through course evaluations, the exit interview,annual students focus groups & alumni surveys.
2) Degree programs are regularly evaluated relative to certification guidelines. Programsar also compared to parallel programs at other institutions.Students feedback is solicited via the exit questionnaire.
3) The capstone research program page is summarized by a written report & results presented in professional meeting.
4) Students self-perfection of preparation is assessed via alumni surveys.
Anicdotal evidence concerning the skills of our graduates is often provided by employers.
5) The students will also be required to past the praxis Chemistry subject test.In addition the graduates retrospective perceptions of their preparation is evaluated via the alumni survey.

Sl.No Profile Photo Name Qualification Specialization Designation View Profile
1 Smt. S S Mangalore M.Sc Chemistry Lecturer
2 Miss.Bharati Sunagar M.Sc. Chemistry Guest Faculty
3 Miss. Preeti s Biradar M.Sc. Chemistry Guest Faculty
4 Shri.Shashidhar Mamane M.Sc. Chemistry Guest Faculty
5 Ms.Anita Mali M.Sc. Chemistry Guest Faculty