G.P.Porwal Arts, Commerce & V.V.Salimath Science College, Sindagi


Department of Zoology

1. Students will be able to apply information from core subjects in the biological sciences, including cell biology, genetics, and evolution.
2. Students will be able to effectively communicate scientific ideas in both written and oral formats.
3. Students will be able to demonstrate the scientific method through the use of hypothesis testing in the design and implementation of an experiment.
4. Students will demonstrate informational literacy by having the ability and skills to effectively and legitimately use various sources of information required for functioning in a global, information society.
5. Students will be able to critically analyze primary scientific literature.

Sl.No Profile Photo Name Qualification Specialization Designation View Profile
1 Prof. D M Patil M.Sc Zoology Professor
2 Prof. D M Sarashetti M.Sc Zoology Associate Professor